Are Friggin SpritZen Sprays just an air freshener?

No, they just happen to smell fantastic!  Friggin SpritZen Sprays is a natural disinfecting spray made to eliminate airborne viral pathogens.

Cold Prevention and Flu prevention sprays by Friggin SpritZen

Many years were spent researching essential oils, learning how they work and the benefits they offer in various applications.  In addition, much sought out and reading has been done on the published scientific test done on essential oils.  

We have based our blends on published scientific testing and research from the US National Library of Medicine & National Institutes of Health as well as research done by various universities and doctors both from the US and abroad.  Due to essential oils being volatile we have taken the steps to treat our essential oil blends. The result is the essential oils are able to survive for several hours in the air making our sprays highly effective.

Essential oil constituents are very complex and vary from each growing season with over 100 different compounds having been found in each essential oil with still many more to be discovered!  As a result, superbugs can't develop a resistance against them, due to the changing complexity, as they do with conventional chemicals.  Essential oils work in such a way that they break down and stop bad bacteria and viruses while leaving good bacteria alone. 

Due to these findings, much research is starting to be done to combine essential oils with man-made drugs that bacteria have become resistant to.  Tests are showing that combining the two could possibly be effective in combating viruses and drug-resistant bacterial infections.


The knowledge gained from all this information has been then put into each one of our handcrafted blends.  We also utilize the best and highest quality of essential oils for our synergistic blends that make up our Friggin SpritZen sprays.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Happy SpritZen!

The Friggin Woman and CEO Doing It!