DIY Blemish Buster and Oily Face Reducer Recipe

Lemon Essential oil DIY facial cleanser that clears up blemishes and reduces oily skin.


Ingredients (all can be found at your natural health food stores):

  • Carrier oil: Jojoba oil (alternatives almond or grapeseed oil)
  • Essential oils of: Lemon, Orange and Tea Tree
  • Glycerin:  optional  (glycerin is very hydroscopic and should not be left on the skin neat for a prolonged amount of time.  Rinse off of skin immediately if you come in contact with it.  It should also be wiped off of any surfaces it comes in contact with.)


  • A glass or plastic bottle or container.  The plastic must be made with BPA grade(most are these days- a clear hard plastic) - this protects the oils and keeps them from degrading the plastic.
  • Glass liquid measuring cup
  • A metal measuring spoon (not plastic)
  • Small funnel - to assist in pouring your mixture into your bottle (rinse funnel immediately after use)


  • Pour 2 oz of carrier oil into glass measuring cup
  • Add 1 tsp of glycerin (optional)

Drop the following E.O.'s directly into the carrier oil.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil - 28 Drops  - Antibacterial, antiseptic = blemish buster
  • Lemon Essential Oil- 18 Drops  - regulates oily skin and antibacterial to fight blemishes
  • Orange Essential Oil- 14 Drops  -  regulates dry skin and aids in the prevention of wrinkles

Use a spoon to mix ingredients thoroughly. Pour into the desired container.  This will last approximately 2 months.

Directions of use:  *Be careful to not get into eyes and avoid under eye area.

Option 1: Use after using your regular face wash - Pour a nickel size amount in the palm of the hand and gently rub into wet skin in circular motions for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Grab a washcloth and wet it with hot water (not too hot).  Rinse rag and immediately place over entire face and hold there for a few seconds. Proceed to wipe off the oil.  No need to moisturize face after.

Option 2:  Use as your main facial cleanser (my preferred method).  Oils are actually excellent at removing excess dirt and oil (yes - using oil to remove oil.  Trust me on this!).  Apply a quarter size amount into the palm of your hand.  Rub into the face in a circular motion for about 30-45 seconds.  Add a small amount of warm water to your hands and wet face.  Continue washing face with a circular motion for another 30 seconds.  Grab a washcloth and wet it with hot water (not too hot).  Rinse rag and immediately place over entire face and hold there for a few seconds. Proceed to wipe off all the dirt and oil.  No need to moisturize face after.

*Please note two of the ingredients are citrus oils.  Citrus oils are photosensitizing oils.  What these means is your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight and can react with uneven pigmentation which may look like a rash.  While this recipe is not intended to remain on your skin such as a lotion, do use it with caution and wear sunscreen when out in sunlight for extra protection especially during summer months. 
**By using this recipe you agree you do so at your own risk.  We are in no way responsible for any adverse reaction you may have due to your sensitivity to these oils.  Always test on a small portion of your skin and use common sense.  If you have overly sensitive skin decrease amount of essential oils used or increase the amount of your carrier oil.