Frequently Asked Questions


Why don't you ship your cold and flu prevention sprays in the summertime?
Due to the delicate nature of the essential oils in the sprays, when they are exposed to too much heat it reduces their efficacy and effectiveness.  I want my customers to receive the best and most effective product.

When is your shipping season?
Shipping season generally runs between late September to early or mid May depending on temperatures.  

If you can't ship when it's over 65 degrees outside are my sprays still good sitting in my house or at work?
In short yes they are.  The reason we will not ship over 65 degrees outside is the trucks your spray will be shipped and delivered in will reach a much warmer temperature just as your car does sitting in the sun. 

What if I just gotta have it and I can't wait for temperatures to cool down?
We have shipped during warm/hot days.  However, we ship the product frozen in insulated packaging along with ice packs.  This will costs extra in shipping charges.  We take great lengths to keep our product top notch by the time you get it.  If you do want your Friggin SpritZen spray shipped during warm/hot days please contact us.

Do I have to store my spray in the fridge?
The short answer is, no.  However, do not place your bottle near a window or where sunlight will hit it.  I have packaged my sprays in a dark bottle to help further preserve the essentials oils in the formulated blend from sunlight. However, during the warmer months that sunlight will also heat your bottle up.  If you want to put the unused portion of your spray away for continued use next cold and flu season, I suggest storing it in the fridge or freezer for better keep during the summer months.

What if I don't like the smell?
I have yet to be told that any of my blends stink or the smell is unpleasing. Please make note of what oils are in the spray before you choose to purchase.  As an example, some people do not like the smell of cinnamon.   This oil is a strong top note that will be noticeable in a blend that contains it.  However, once these oils are blended they take on a very unique scent. You may pick up notes of the different oils or miss them altogether.  If you don't instantly love the smell I encourage you to give it a chance.    While I try to make my blends pleasing to sensory of smell, my priority is its effectiveness to combat airborne cold and flu viruses.  Most essential oils are very unique in smell and I believe you will come to love your spray.

How do I heat up or unthaw my spray if it is frozen?
Essential oils should never be exposed to prolonged and excessive heat.  While I have taken extra steps to protect the essential oils, prolong their viability, and effectiveness once dispersed into the air, excessive heat will still degrade their effectiveness.  Simply allow your bottle to unthaw at room temperature and shake well once it's thawed.  It actually thaws out pretty quickly.

How long are your sprays good for?
Friggin SpritZen sprays are best used within the first year of purchase.  However, as long as you care for your spray it can last up to 2-4 years (dependent on the oils in your blend and care of your spray once you receive it).  Keep in mind with each year that goes by the effectiveness of the spray does become reduced.

Is it ok to keep my spray in my purse or travel bag?
Absolutely! Just keep in mind if you keep either of these sitting in a hot car or the like, you will breakdown the effectiveness of your spray as the temperature of the bottle and its contents heat up and are exposed to a high temperature for an extended amount of time.

Have your sprays been clinically tested?
No my sprays have not been clinically tested.  However, our sprays are based off of much research and reading done on scientific articles published in PubMed and by renowned universities who have done extensive scientific testing on the various plant compounds and their effectiveness to kill cold and flu viruses.  We have taken the knowledge gained from these tests to create the most effective and efficient sprays to combat cold and flu viruses in your environment.  We hope to some day conduct our own clinical tests.