How Do Friggin SpritZen Sprays Work?

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A Little Science Behind Our Sprays.

Airborne PATHOGENS such as cold and flu viruses travel through the air for us to breathe in and invade our bodies.  This is the number one way it is spread.  The viruses then fall onto objects we touch every day producing the secondary forms of which viruses are spread - also know as secondary transmission.

Friggin SpritZen sprays were formulated with the essential oils from specific plants that have been *researched and tested by various scientist and university both here and abroad.

These test show these plant compounds possess a remarkable ability to effectively destroy various viruses and bacteria - viruses are known to travel on both airborne bacteria and in very very small airborne saliva droplet nuclei as well as larger saliva droplets.

As more people in a concentrated area (i.e. offices, gyms, classrooms, trains, cafe's, airplanes, etc) use a natural disinfecting room spray, A SYNERGISTIC ATMOSPHERE


By incorporating the use of Friggin SpritZen sprays throughout your home, office or on the go you can significantly reduce the amount of airborne viral pathogens for you to breathe in and to fall on objects you touch throughout the day.  Combine the use of Friggin SpritZen with regular cleaning and hand washing you further eliminate secondary transmission (on to hands from objects you touch) within an enclosed environment. 

Due to the nature and complexity of plant and essential oil compounds, viruses and bacteria cannot build up a resistance to them and create a superbug or mutation as they do with conventional chemicals.  This why the use of natural products to clean and disinfect is becoming more important than ever.

The effects of essential oils on viruses and bacteria - Friggin Spritzen Sprays


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*Statements on our products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Friggin SpritZen sprays is based off of third party scientific testing of plant compounds used in our sprays.  In our opinion, our sprays can and have shown to significantly reduce the spread and have prevented people from being infected with the cold and flu virus based off of scientific publications and customer testimonials. 


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