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"I love this spray. I work in a office where my coworkers sit close. Everyone in my office was really sick last winter. I used the spray everyday a couple of times a day. I was the only one who did not get sick or use any sick days. It really works."

                                                         -Wendy S.  Greeley, CO 

"We love Friggin Spritzen! My kids ask for their rooms to be sprayed every night to help them relax and sleep. We also love how it helps fight off illnesses that they bring home from school."
                                                      -Rachel  M. Shelley, ID
"I absolutely love these sprays! I meet with a lot of people and I spray a few sprays in between appointments and I always get compliments on the light, refreshing scent, but I’m actually sanitizing! I have bottles in my car, my purse, my home and my office. I really can not say enough positive things about these sprays!! They’re awesome!"
                                                         -Vannessa N. Reno, NV
"I have been using this spray for the last year and have not gotten sick with a cold or the flu. On a few occasions when I felt like a cold might be coming on I sprayed my house down even more and never came down with the cold. I even take my spray with me when I know I am going to be somewhere with sick people. I love it!"
                                                               -Kim G. Greeley, CO
"Just got my Friggin Spritzen sprays and am so glad, now hopefully will be able to get over this awful cold! Thanks"
                                                              -Lois A., Shelley, ID
"I love my spray!  I use it all the time.  While all my roommates were getting sick I didn't get sick at all."
                                        -Savannah P. College Student  Boise, ID


"Absolutely LOVE these sprays, not only do they smell amazing but they keep me from getting sick! I am currently taking a few different medications that are immunosuppressants so I was getting sick ALL the time and it took months for even the common cold to go away! Since I started using these sprays I haven't gotten sick at all - I now keep a bottle at home and at work and get compliments on how great it smells all the time. My coworkers now ask me to spray near them after a client who is clearly sick comes into the office so none of us get sick. Thanks so much for this amazing product!"
                                                               -Ashley G. Fort Collins, CO

"My daughter Shelbi is always stealing my spray and hiding it from me so she can just use it.  We love these sprays!"  
                                                        -Shawn P. Texarkana, TX
"I am very pleased with both the products and the service from Friggin SpritZen.  I ordered the Winter Nights and Christmas Morning, both of the products smell great and I received the order in a timely manner.  I was well informed on the shipping status of the products.  Thank you for a great product and service."
                                                     -Chuck P.  Colorado Springs, CO



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