Research and Sources

Much research has been done on essential oil plant compounds and their use to combat both existing and emerging pathogenic viruses, bacteria, drug resistant bacteria, food preservation and even cancer.  

The more we can reduce airborne pathogens with the use of natural plant compounds the more we can reduce emerging new viruses and bacteria.  Due to the complexity of plant compounds and that they will alter through each growing season pathogens and microbes cannot build up a resistance to them as they can and do, do with man made chemicals.

Friggin SpritZen is formulated with the findings of the most anti-viral and anti-microbial essential oils for combating our most common viruses and bacteria. Below is just a few of the scientific research articles in which Friggin SpritZen air disinfecting sprays base our formulation on.    - Droplet Nuclei!po=3.12500  - essential oils on pathogenic bacteria!po=3.12500 hl=en&sl=it&u=  - encapsulating essential oils.  -