The Essentials of Lemon Essential Oil

Essential oil spray for cold prevention and flu prevention

Friggin SpritZen utilizes Lemon essential oil in our sprays as well as other oils high in Limonene due to it's high antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

Lemon essential oil is known medicinally through the world to remedy such things as coughs, sore throats, fevers, and indigestion.  The fruit is well known in Europe and in the middle ages, Romans and Greeks used it often due to its properties to combat viruses and bacterial infections.  Our ancestors also used lemons and other citrus fruits high in vitamin C on ships to help ward off scurvy.  

When Lemon essential oil is used in massage it helps to relieve lymph glands congested from infection (does not cure the infection), it reduces inflammation and works well at relaxing stiff muscles. 

When it comes to face care lemon essential oil can help balance out oily complexions and clear up blemishes. 

Both massage and inhalation (after dispersion into the air) of lemon essential has shown to stimulate and increase the body's natural immunity.

Improve Your Memory with Lemon Essential Oil and More

Lemon essential oil dispersed into the air will aid in concentration, increase your ability to memorize and reduce the number of mistakes.  Lemon has also shown to be an antidepressant when inhaled.  Lemon essential oil will also help clean a room of airborne bacteria and viruses.  Due to the high Limonene in Lemon essential oil, it is highly effective at destroying viruses and aids in cold prevention and flu prevention.  According to the US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health Lemon essential oil, "...exhibited high anti-viral activity by direct interaction with free virus particles".  This means viruses traveling through the air (free virus particles) were destroyed by Lemon essential oil when dispersed.  "...limonene reduced viral infectivity by 100%".  Other essential oils containing high amounts of limonene will possess these same antiviral and antimicrobial activity.  This is why you see Lemon used in so many cleaning products.

With this knowledge, we brought a few of these oils high in Limonene together to develop a powerful yet pleasing smelling blend.  We then packaged it in a convenient spray where it can go to work immediately and effectively fighting off airborne cold and flu viruses when dispersed into the air around you.  Check out our deliciously sweet smelling Lemon Drop Spray-n-Sniffin' personal space spray today.  We strive to be your number one in cold and flu prevention over cold and flu treatment.  

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